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Tool to sustain in Marketing job


How To Handle The High Pressure In Marketing Job

One day evening I was having wine in my one hand and a book in another hand. The atmosphere was very chilly because it was month of January but inside feeling was very pleasing due to wine had entered into my blood. I was not habitual drinker till my graduation. I got obsessed to alcohol when I was in MBA.I tried to recollect why I started drinking, you will surprise to know that I started drinking in hope of better future after completion of my MBA. At that time most of our friends were thinking that “we have to put best only for two years after that everything will come like a spring with rain”. Spring came but rain was not there only drinking and drinking to sustain. It seems very odd why I am talking about drinking is the tool to sustain in job now a days. But it is true we have to accept the fact. If you see the life of any marketing or sells guy, he seems to smile from front but it is not natural. Marketing job is like the prostitution where a prostitute has to make a customer happy at any cost. In case of prostitution the characteristic is only one i.e. make customer happy, in case of marketing it is little bit Tougher you have to make your customer happy as well as your boss too. So if you see the above picture the few things are very visible. You can see wine, a book and the pleasing environment. I will highlight all these points. First of all let me find out some basics of marketing. The necessary aspect for getting a good job (good job means GALI(Abuse) with class) is MBA. I tried to unearth what a marketing guy does, do they do something really great compare to any non MBA guy? Answer is definitely not then why a company prefers to take MBA, this is a millennium questions? If you ask me my answer is very simple as in case of prostitution the beauty is only and only characteristic, now I will not go in depth explanation my readers are smart enough to articulate the scene. So you could have understood the reason that if sales and marketing job can be done by anyone then why a company prefers to take an MBA graduate. So that is about the book, now the main core point of article is DARU (drink). Why I emphasis on the point DARU (drink) is main the tool to sustain in marketing job. Let us look into a marketing guy’s day to day activity. Here I am talking about all level associated with marketing job. Take a marketing manager/sells person’s daily activity “early morning he gets either call from superior or else attends meeting instead of taking name of God. What is the topic for discussion nothing but target it could be either daily or quarterly but it will be target. They ask about the achievement, achievement and achievement. In one of meeting I had told to my GM (sales) that if I were so superman then I would be working with NASA. Here the point is not about the target or achievement the point is whatever target is given i.e. is not realistic and talking about achievement for unrealistic target so they literally make life miserable by putting such pressure to achieve unrealistic goal . Now question is then how to tackle the issue i.e. the point which I want to highlight most. Take a marketing guy’s story from first day after completion of MBA. He is very energetic with Philip Kotler in mind and thinks that it is Bible of marketing here he makes a mistake he cannot understand that Philip Kotler book is just for academic, in real it is having very less relevance. So he takes the task in hand and start journey to reach the endpoint on the road which never ends. He tries his all skills which he has learnt in MBA, finally he realises that nothing is working so he consults senior here seniors are not like academic seniors. Here seniors are colleges who have joined the same company before this guy. Finally night DARU (drink) party gets planned in a hotel on the meeting day. All seniors and this guy sit on a round table with DARU (drink). A new success mantra evolved i.e. daru pi aur sara tension dur bhaga(have drink and omit all pressure). The party is financed on sharing basis it is completely different then academic DARU party. Senior gives guru mantra (successful tips) in discussion. After getting the mantra he goes into field as a new born baby with a different approach. Whatever he has learnt in DARU (drink) party he starts implementing in day to day job activity and be relaxed. Now he is able to manage the pressure. The question is what is so popular mantra? It is so simple don’t worry I am going to explain. Same guy takes the call from superior or attends the meeting in morning and gives yes as nod for each question which is put on him. He has understood that do not put logic behind anything whether it is realistic or not and, ethical or not, nothing just says yes I will do or says I must do. Finally he has learnt how to handle the morning pressure now the question is how he handles entire day to day job activities. He is having some sub tools too to handle day to day activities. The sub tools are buttering boss, making customer fool or else boss will make you fool. The bell stuck 8pm, this is the end of the day now pray time starts to eject the pressure which he has accumulated since morning. He orders for DARU (drink) with some snacks and starts abusing superior, customer because on their face he cannot do so. He becomes tully(full drunk) and ejects all pressure Till bed time. Next day morning new chapter starts he implements same tested and trusted method and enjoys his life. Finally abuse is not abuse for him. If anyone asks him to go to moon he asks when he has to reach moon.

It seems that he is leaving a happy life but his life has become a prostitute’s life. He is killing himself every day. He has blocked his mind, DARU (drink) has become his food and wrong commitment has become his hobby. He has gave up all dreams which he had dreamed during MBA. At present asks him about Philip Kotler his reply would be who Philip Kotler is. He has lost his own identity. Lastly why it happens , actually if any company performs well then all credit goes to its brand and policies if something does not up to unrealistic expectation then employs are west. These days human touch has lost its value in number game.

Note: Daru means take alcohol.

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