How to select the best bike rental in Bangalore?

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How to select the best bike rental?

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How to select the best bike rental?

how to select a bike rental

A lot of bike-rental companies took birth in the last few months in Bangalore, claiming to be the cheapest service provider in the market. But, no one openly speaks about the hidden-charges and additional cost involved in renting a vehicle. The jargons used by the companies lure the customers in taking bad decisions.

I personally suggest every individual to be smart and be well aware of all the hidden charges that a company charges and compare the pricing with that of others. Always keep in mind the following things:

–       Pricing (hidden charges such as taxes, damage charges etc.)

–       Commitment (many companies charge less by asking for a long commitment of couple years)

–       Deposits (the return policies are complicated)

Now question arises how to select a good bike rental service provider?

Selection of a suitable bike rental company is finally depends on our need for a bike and several other factors. Please find out answer of the following questions before selecting the best bike rental

Why we need a bike?

We need to find out why a bike is needed, the purpose of renting a bike? This gives idea about whether we need a bike for short term or long term. If the purpose is short term then different set of hourly or daily basis bike rentals are available in the market, if it is long term the different set of monthly bike rentals are available in the market.


For which location we are going to use bike. The area wise we have to search for bike rental service e.g. whether for Bangalore or Hyderabad.


Next step is which bike model we are interested? E.g. whether Hero or Bajaj or Honda or TVS so and so forth. Then we have to see which model we like or suited for us. E.g. if we have selected Bajaj then is it Pulsar or CT 100 and so and so forth.

Bike rentals service providers?

Once we have selected the model then next we have to find out who are the bike rental services providers are available in that area. Who is providing that particular bike model on rent? The question is how we have to short out bike Rentals Company? Internet helps us to find out the bike rental company but we must be very care full while shorting out. We must see the review of those service providers in that area. The ranking of a bike rental may be good in one area but it is not guarantee the same review in other area too. E.g. a bike rental may have good service set up in a city and May lacking in another city.

The rent?

Now you have to see the rent of your selected bike. Here we make mistake by going with cheap bike rental. There is nothing cheap with the quality service in the market. So, we have to find out the affordable bike rental, it means the rent should not be very high but at the same time service and other aspect must be good.

All other charges?

This day many bike rentals lure customer by showing le rent on website e by hiding the other charges. So make sure about, what are other charges apart from the rent of a bike.

Term and condition?

We avoid to know the term and condition and latter we face the problem. So before taking final call it is our responsibly to have a clear picture about the term and condition of the bike rental company. E.g. what are the legal documents require, what is kilometre restriction, what is surrender policy etc.

Customer service?

Customer service plays a vital role in overall experience of bike riding from a bike rental company. The support provided by the company to their customers is the key. Here we may look for their bike repairing service, how quick and frequent they provide bike repairing service, whether they pickup bike for repairing from our door step or not? Overall customer service like payment related service, surrender related service, legal service (some time it may require).

Selection of bike rental?

At last after finding all the answer we select a bike rental and have a happy bike rental experience.


My persona recommendation is Ontrack where what you see is what you pay and the company doesn’t ask one for any commitment or any additional charges.



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