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Technology V/S Human being.

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Technology V/S Human being.

tech vs human


Technology Versus Humanbeing

We generally commit a mistake when we compare technology with a human being. We must not forget, the machine is made by the people. Technology is to help people, it cannot be the substitute. Technology is very useful in day to day activity; it is very useful in accomplishing of smart work too. AI has changed the entire world, now customers can have 27/7 access to customer care services, this has been possible by using AI Chat Bot. Automation helps an organization to increase the productivity and efficiency of the product and service. Technology also helps an organization to decrease its dependency on labour, handling human force is always a challenging. A few years back have anyone ever thought that Food, Medicine, Doctor will be available on fingertip? These day people do the study on the Internet. With the help of technology, the product and service are being rendered to the remote area. It seems that technology has become part of our life, without it, we cannot imagine of human civilization in the 21st century. Technology made our life easy indeed.

  • Technology saves our time, which can be used for other invention.
  • Technology saves resources, the saved resources can be used for another purpose.
  • Technology saves money too, which can be used for welfare.
  • Technology also helps in controlling corruption, which is helpful for creating a better society.
  • Technology helps in bringing people together, the social media is the best platform for it.

Technolgy With Humanbeing

                    Finally, there are lots of benefits of technology but it should not be at the cost of a human being.  There is a limit in case of technology because whatever parameter is set in programming language beyond that technology cannot go. But in case of human, thinking and creation are not having any boundary and restriction. Human mind and technology both together can create a miracle.



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